28′ Foot Tall Optimus Prime

M&M’s World Store London UK

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Watching over the M&M color candy collection is RED GUARD. Just one of 13 characters supplied by us for Mars’ first overseas World Store. This is just one of many projects we have completed for the Mars brand.

Exterior Architectural Elements

Lets Play Ball!
Custom molded exterior sports balls and capitols were developed for all the sports seasons. These custom colored, simulated metallic half and three quarter balls adorn and accentuate over fifty locations nationwide. Golf, basketball, baseball, volleyball and soccer balls allow you to play ball all year around. Manufactured in our patented Acrythane Composite System (ACS), these are lightweight, durable and easy to install.

FAO Schwartz

Branded Sculpture

Bumblebee! When Hasbro wanted a “full” size (20′ tall!) Bumble Bee Autobot for their Transformer 2 movie premiere their first and last stop was with us. So many parts and pieces. We figure out a way to make this piece easy to assemble and it traveled the world for two years doing various shows, premieres and conventions. This is just one of dozens of branded iconic sculptures we have supplied for┬áthe largest toymaker in the world! Take a look.